Kikuchi Gohan Mokko Co. Ltd.,

Appearance is a well established manufacturer of Japanese-style rooms and interior decoration components with a 56-year old history in Japan. Our long-term customers are major housing companies and the quality of our products is highly regarded. Since its establishment Kikuchi Gohan Mokko Co. Ltd., has dedicated itself to the development of new products. The development of the Kikuchi brand “Shoji Screens” by our exclusive designers is a symbol of our aim to introduce new products with respect for the old traditions. Our exquisite products handcrafted by excellent craftsmen are made every day with the greatest care to spread the tenderness of Japanese beauty around the world in the hope that they will enrich people’s lives.
EstablishedDecember 16, 1960
Business Activitiesshoji screens, sliding paper-doors, free board of laminated lumber, the Japanese-style room fixtures materials etc
PresidentSeiichi Kikuchi
OfficeKikuchi Gohan Mokko Co. Ltd., 82-3 Takasaki Aza Satoshita, Gojome-machi, Minami-Akita-gun, Akita-ken 018-1711 JAPAN TEL:+81-18-852-4105 FAX:+81-18-852-4991 Mail :